Advanced Simulation Option

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The Advanced Simulation Option can be added to all Proteus PCB Design and Proteus VSM products including the Starter Kit. It extends the functionality of the basic simulator to provide a full range of graph-based analyses. Graph based simulation is akin to conventional SPICE simulation where you first draw the circuit, set-up source generators, select points to be monitored and then run the simulator. When the simulation is complete the results are displayed and you analyse these at your leisure. The Proteus Design Suite with the Advanced Simulation Features module makes this as effortless as possible.

Product Summary
Advanced Simulation Features Module Enables:
Analogue Transient Analysis.
Distortion Analysis
Digital Transient Analysis.
Transfer Curve Analysis
Mixed Mode Transient Analysis
DC Parameter Sweep Analysis
Frequency Analysis.
AC Parameter Sweep and Operating Point
Fourier Analysis.
Digital Conformance Analysis
Noise Analysis.
Interactive Analysis.
Labcenter EasyHDL Scripting Language

Purchasing Options
The Advanced Simulation Features integrates completely with all of our Proteus PCB Design packages, enabling the important verification stage of the project design lifecycle.

The functionality enabled by Advanced Simulation Features also provides an ideal complement to our renowned Proteus VSM micro-controller simulation packages.

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