PCB Starter Kit

PCB Starter Kit Image

Full feature ISIS schematic capture with support for hierarchical design, bus pins, configurable bill of materials and much, much more.

Netlist based ARES PCB layout with support of up to 16 copper layers, 10nm resolution, any angle component placement, full electrical and physical design rule checks and much more.

Standard version of our integrated shape based auto-router (fully automated routing only).

External Autorouter Interface - allows export and import of designs (in the most common format) to/from a dedicated external Autorouter.

Support for one shaped based ground plane per layer.

Component libraries containing over 10000 schematic parts and 1500 PCB footprints.

Includes ProSPICE mixed mode simulator with 8000 models and 12 virtual instruments.

500 pin capacity for PCB design.

Please note that the Starter Kit is limited to netlists of 500 physical pins and does not support automatic component placement, gate-swap optimization, partial power planes (including cut-outs), 3d Visualisation, ODB++ Output or the advanced routing modes. These features are only available in Level 2 and above.

Your Price:NKr1,650.00